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E Visa is an Electronic Travel Authority which is obtained for a short visit to Turkey for tourism or trade purposes. It is valid for the time period of 6 months from the date of entry into Turkey for multiple entries of up to 90 days per visit and is issued electronically. Travelers can apply for Turkey e Visa online by filling a simple application form. The E Visa approval is sent through email, and the traveler needs to have the print out of the same for the duration of the stay. The validity period is different from the period of stay in the Turkish territory; the period of stay cannot exceed 90 days for a single entry visa. If the traveler wishes to stay more than 90 days, he/she needs to contact the Local Police Department for Residence Permit.

The E Visa Turkey has replaced the formerly visas which were stamped inside the traveler’s passport or was issued on arrival at the border crossing into Turkey.

Turkish E-visa is a multiple entry visa but again only for some countries and for that you have to check your eligibility online on and apply for the application. The traveler can only make payment by master or visa credit/debit card. The card is not required to be under the name of the traveler. The company can only apply the visa on your behalf to the Government, entry in the Turkey territory is subject to immigration approval only. If in any case your E visa Turkey application gets rejected and you get an email for the same, then you must visit the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate to re-apply for your visa.

E Visa Categories:-
• Visa issued with multiple entries grants a stay up to 90 days for each visit (duration of the stay depends on Nationality).
• Visa issued for a single entry grants a stay up to 30 days for the visit in the country (duration of the stay depends on Nationality).

Turkish Visa Documents Required :

As the approval for the E Visa would be sent via email, the traveler needs to carry the print of the same with the passport. At the time of entry the below mentioned documents would be required:

• The travelers must have a 6 months valid passport beyond the stay.
• The travelers must an onward or roundtrip tickets.
• The traveler should have sufficient funds to meet the daily expenses up to USD 50 during the stay in Turkey.
• An approved E Visa

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not a part of the Turkey Government. The Company can only help you in processing of your visa. Entry in the Turkish territory is subjected to immigration approval only. However, you can also purchase your visa directly through the Turkey Government by visiting It is your sole responsibility to obtain your Turkish visa where it is required and we shall not be responsible for your failure to do so. Before filling visa application form with make sure to go through our Terms and Conditions.

Get Turkey Visa on Arrival
Get Turkish Visa on Arrival
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Requirements for Turkey e-Visa
Requirements for Turkish e-Visa
Tourists and short-term business travelers will need to apply for a Turkish e-Visa on-line before traveling to Turkey. The e-Visa replaces traditional visas formerly stamped inside the traveler's passport or issued at the border crossing into Turkey.

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